What you will learn
You will walk away with:

Business People Applauding


  • The ability to understand and make informed business decisions.

  • The ability to discuss the financial performance of any company or investment.

  • A CSR certification to enhance your academic and labor credentials. 

  • One-on-one sessions with global executives.

  • The program is designed to foster networking, peer collaboration, and engagement with global executives and mentors.

Ideal for:

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  • Participants with little or no knowledge of finance, who want to be exposed to world-class instruction and speakers, and learn how to raise capital or lead a profitable business.

  • Experienced professionals. 

  • Those seeking to reenter the workforce.

  • Young students eager to learn.

  • Those curious about what a graduate university class is like. The program is 90% subsidized.

How you will learn. Active learning

Crowd Applauding
  • All sessions are highly interactive. Participants make 10 business decisions per session. The lectures are structured to encourage discussion. 

  • Each session, students apply what they have learned through assignments. In the first session, students recommend which customers to prioritize when there is limited stock during a pandemic. In session two, students learn about inflation and implement price increases. They also decide whether to use local, national, or global price lists for their business.