College Campus


The program is 90% subsidized through the generosity of partner companies and private donors.


Professor Benaroya will do all the R&D work Pro-Bono.


14 sessions

28 lecture hours

Total entire program     $300      

Certificates & Letter of recommendation 

University Building

Once you have earned the Certificate of Completion, approved language can be used for Linkedin.​

The top 10% of students will receive a letter of recommendation, personally signed by the Professor.

Students can also receive a certificate of completion issued by the University of Salamanca' FUSAL upon completion of:

1. Attendance requirements. 

2. Completion of the business project.

Hard copy certificates can be mailed worldwide and receive an apostille upon request. Certificate fees are billed at cost.


Students do not need to be enrolled at a university to attend this program. Those attending NYU & USAL can receive college credit (see below).

University Credit

Work Stations

This program is a part of the Finance for Marketing Decisions class at NYU's SPS taught by Benaroya. Students enrolled in this class receive 3 credits. NYU students please enroll through Albert. For the remainder of 2021, enrollment is full,  sessions are closed.

This program is a part of the International Business class at the University of Salamanca taught by Benaroya. Students enrolled in this class receive 6 credits. Please enroll through USAL