George Benaroya

CFO, VP Finance, Controller

Procter & Gamble, Tetra Pak, Nivea


Year                 Position Held                                                                Location  


2017                 Vice President, Finance                                                 New York, United States        


2015                 Vice President, Global Controller                                   Michigan, United States           More    

2012                 Vice President, Finance, Emerging Markets                  Dubai, UAE                              More

2009                 Business Unit CFO (Global FD)                                     Lund, Sweden                          More

2007                 CFO (Finance Director)                                                  Istanbul, Turkey                       More  


2006                 Finance Director, Regional Controller                            Tokyo, Japan                            More      

2002                 Global Business Control Director                                   Lausanne, Switzerland            More        

2000                 CFO (Finance Director)                                                  Belgrade, Yugoslavia              More   

1995                 Transition Leader, Finance Manager, Other                   Lima, others Latin America     More  

1992                 Finance Supervisor                                                        Buenos Aires, Argentina         More                 

Experience Details

LTI, New York

Private Equity. Investments, M&A, growth, and profit acceleration projects  

Vice President, Finance       



Dawn Foods, Michigan, US 

Manufacturer and Distributor Food Products. Sales $2 Billion,         

Vice President, Global Controller



  • Enabled sales and profitability growth >15% per year.

  • Pricing optimized across 15,000 clients.

  • Directed all global planning, forecasting, reporting and accounting processes, while reducing the closing process by 20% by redeploying Best-in-Class Shared Services practices (Kaizen fully implemented).

  • Reduced receivables 10% by redeploying solutions implemented in Europe in America.

  • Decrease payables processing cost (first World Class objective achieved in 2016).



German Manufacturer of Personal Care Products. Sales $8 Billion  

Vice President-Finance, Emerging Markets

Dubai, United Arab Emirates




  • Recruited by Board Member to establish, grow and make profitable the Emerging Markets region. Transformed the Distributors’ business (€1 Billion) by executing a holistic value-chain analysis and adapting industry best practices.

  • Deployed ahead of budget/time a system to track revenue, inventory and Distributor’s margin in 130 countries.

  • Drove the implementation of the strategic plan and managed 15% annual growth, improving profitability levels while handling 30% currency depreciation in Turkey, India, South Africa, Brazil, and special cases (Argentina, Venezuela).

  • Accountable for the evaluation and recommendation to the Board of 11 equity, M&A and factory investment projects.

  • Led and negotiated the sale of a pharmaceutical plant in India.



Tetra Pak

European Food Packaging and Processing Company. Sales $18 Billion



Tetra Pak, Global Technical Services

Business Unit CFO (Global Finance Director)

Lund, Sweden



  • Promoted at the height of the 2009 global market meltdown to take over and manage critical operational areas.

  • Perfected the selection and implementation of Global Distribution Centers in Mexico and China, ensuring compliance with transfer pricing policies while improving financial structure and reducing cost by 50%.

  • Led a complex SAP implementation into global spaces with a lead role in Asia, Europe and Latin America.

  • Designed and launched a process improvement methodology to reduce manufacturing cost at dairies and beverages producers thus driving significant customer loyalty in very competitive spaces (China, Europe and Latin America).


Tetra Pak Turkey & Caucasus

CFO (Finace Director)

Istanbul, Turkey



“Never before did a CFO from any supplier come to visit me to show me how to improve my cash flow. We will continue doing business with Tetra Pak for a long time in recognition of Mr. Benaroya’s support during the financial crisis”

Owner, large dairy in Turkey to Tetra Pak’s CFO, October 2008


  • Initiated a successful pricing and hedging process which eliminated foreign exchange risk.

  • Set up a direct debit system that decreased collections and account receivables by 90%.


Tetra Pak Japan, Korea, and Oceania

Finance Director, Regional Controller

Tokyo, Japan



  • Based in Tokyo, collaborated with business unit controllers to enhance financial controls and improve data transparency.

  • Facilitated the largest price change in company’s last 20 years and successfully introduced it to 144 key customers.

  • Generated best practice methodologies that were integrated into broader Asian and European spaces, resulting in 300% greater profitability for the Services Unit


Tetra Pak International

Global Business Control Director

Lausanne, Switzerland



  • Effectively managed a team of six business controllers coordinating all global planning, forecasting and reporting processes, while following up on deviations and meeting critical performance targets.

  • Organized and executed yearly training for all Finance Directors and Controllers in Asia, Europe and Americas.

  • Drove a workplace strategy that changed culture, focused on maximizing regional engagement of top managers through regular visits and interaction with plants, retailers and customers.


Tetra Pak, Yugoslavia

CFO (Finance Director)

Belgrade, Yugoslavia



  • Recruited to rapidly identify and resolve a full range of operational obstacles involving embargo, hyperinflation issues in fast-changing marketplaces.

  • Succeeded in maintaining optimal plant productivity with no impact to customer satisfaction or dividends




Clorox, Latin America

US-Based International Manufacturer of CPG Products. Sales $ 5 Billion           

Transition Leader

Various Latin American locations



  • Acting GM for 12 months leading all aspects of the merger for newly acquired $90 Million Clean Product business

  • Spearheaded identification of brands and companies to acquire and built the business case for M&As. Four of five proposals approved by the Board, the largest of which was $95 Million.




Procter & Gamble

World-Class US CPG Producer. Sales $84 Billion                                                                           

Finance Supervisor



  • Promoted after initial onboarding as a Post-MBA Summer Intern to support opening the Argentina market, eventually growing to over $200 Million in annual sales. Analyzed pricing, cost reductions and promotional investment

  • Completed extensive financial analysis in support of the launch of Head & Shoulders, Pantene, and Pringles lines