Artificial intelligence

  • Have an idea for a start-up that uses AI to improve how we make, buy, or sell products and services?

  • Want to persuade your boss or investors your strategy is solid using financial metrics?

  • Curious how you can benefit from research and leverage where others have failed?

  • Learn how to unleash the potential of AI for your business idea.

You will walk away with

  • An Artificial Intelligence certification process that will enhance your academic and labor credentials. In most cases, companies refund employees for these sessions as part of their training budget.

  • The ability to quantify how AI can drive sales growth projects, including pricing, sales, cost, and profitability.

  • Hands-on experience fostering idea generation, quantifying the impact of your ideas, and presenting it to others.

  • One-on-one sessions with global executives.

Ideal for

  • Professionals working in Marketing, Sales, Manufacturing, Human Resources, Development, or Management who want to advance their careers and implement sales growth projects.

  • Participants with little or no knowledge of AI, looking to strengthen their career opportunities through new technologies.

  • Experienced professionals seeking to reenter the workforce.

  • Those who want to be exposed to world-class instruction and speakers.

  • The program is designed to foster networking, peer collaboration, and engagement with global executives and mentors.


  • Benaroya spent one-half of his career at headquarters and one-half running local operations in 9 countries (sales of $20 million to $ 2 Billion). He has visited 193 countries to meet clients and consumers.